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20th April - 31st October 2022
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Online Business Platform provides a service that allows online visitors to conduct online video meetings and chats with exhibitors by the 31st October 2022. You may be limited to access to the platform if you use it for any other purposes except for business meetings.

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Construction/Real Estate Development
Data Centre
Security products (Manufacturing/Services/Distribution)
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IT/Cyber Security
Banking/Financial Services/Insurance
    Which business field(s) are you involved in? (Multiple Answer)
Government/Municipalities/Public Institutions/Military/Police
Service Provider
    What is your job function?
Privacy Officer
Risk Management
Security Executive
Business Development
Facility Management
SI (System Operator)
Human Resources
    What is your job position?
Auditor General/Consultant
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    What is your purchasing responsibility?
Authorise Purchase
Influence purchase
I have no purchasing responsibility
    What is your annual purchasing budget for security systems and solutions?
US$50,000 and less
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    What is(are) your main area(s) of interest? (Multiple Answer)
IT security
IoT security
Video Surveillance
Access control
Homeland Security/Industrial Security
Social safety system
    What is your purpose of visit? (Multiple Answer)
Product/Service purchase
Meet New Suppliers
Meet Existing Suppliers
Collecting Market and Trend Information
Attend Seminar & Conference
Establishing New Distribution Channels/Agent
Evaluating the Event for Future Participation

Please read carefully and agree to the rules/rules of visitors, collection/use of personal information, use and provision of personal information for marketing, provision of personal information to third parties, and the right to refuse consent.

I agree to all Terms & Conditions below
Visitor Rules/Rules
1. Rules and Regulations
By registering for the exhibition or accepting an offer of entry, the visitor agrees that he or she shall abide by and abide by these regulations and rules and the rules and regulations of the exhibition (a copy of these regulations, etc. is requested by the Organizer) you can get it).

2. Behavior in the exhibition hall
Visitors may disturb, disturb, cause discomfort, inconvenience, damage or danger to others, or, in the judgment of the organizer, do not follow the general standards of the exhibition, or these regulations and rules or general Acts that are in violation of applicable laws and regulations shall not be performed, nor shall such conduct be permitted.

Visitors are not permitted to bring cameras, video recorders or recording equipment of any kind into the exhibition without the prior written permission of the Organizer. The organizer reserves the right to retrieve the visitor's belongings at any time.

It is expressly prohibited for visitors to store images in any form while visiting the exhibition without the prior written permission of the organizer. Such prohibitions include, but are not limited to, taking pictures, video or digital recordings of any type, and sketching drawings or images. Visitors agree to submit materials of any storage medium containing images stored in violation of this regulation if the organizer requests it, including but not limited to films, video tapes, sketchbooks, camera phones and digital storage devices.

If a visitor saves an image in violation of the above regulations, copyright and other intellectual property rights or other rights (including, for the sake of clarity, rights related to sound recording and broadcasting), whether occurring now or in the future (hereinafter) , “Intellectual Property Rights”), without any condition, belongs to the Organizer immediately upon creation or storage of the image. Visitors shall prepare all deeds and documents and take all measures as required by the Organizer to transfer intellectual property rights to the Organizer, including, but not limited to, provision of images or copies thereof in any storage medium.

The Organizer, in its sole discretion, has the right to refuse entry to the Visitors if, in its opinion, the Spectators' conduct violates these Rules and Regulations or the Rules and Regulations of the Exhibition Hall, or in general applicable laws and regulations. or reserve the right to require visitors to leave. The opinions of the Organizers are final in this respect.

3. The organizer is responsible for any damage or loss (for any reason) to the property of the visitor in or around the exhibition hall, and for the death or injury of the visitor while in the exhibition hall or when leaving the exhibition hall ( To the extent that cannot be excluded or limited by law, and to the extent that it cannot be excluded or limited by law, except for death or injury caused by the Organizer's negligence)

The visitor agrees that the organizer shall not bear any responsibility to the visitor for the products displayed or sold by the exhibitor to the exhibition hall.

Each Visitor shall, at the request of the Organizer, be liable for all claims, liabilities, losses, litigation, and damages against the Organizer, its officers and employees, agents and subcontractors for any infringement or other claim relating to or resulting from the unauthorized imaging of the Visitors; You agree to indemnify the Organizer with respect to legal proceedings, damages, judgments, burdens, expenses (including attorneys' fees) and fees.

The Visitor shall not be liable for any errors or errors in the information about the Exhibitor or the Exhibitor's product in the Official Directory of the Exhibition, or any other promotional or printed materials or information provided by the Organizer or its Exhibitors to the Visitors. I agree not

The Visitor acknowledges and agrees that the Organizer, its officers and employees and subcontractors may take photos or videos containing the Visitors' images (the "Images") while the Visitors are in the Exhibition Hall. Visitors hereby grant to the Organizers and their affiliates the right and license (and right to use) to third parties the right and license to use the imagery, unrestricted, irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide, free of charge and transferable. ) agree and allow without any consideration. The Visitor acknowledges that the Organizer is the sole and exclusive owner of all rights in the Image, and by this writing (a) all rights in and waive all claims that may be made.

No waiver by the Organizer of any provision of these Rules and Regulations or any of its rights hereunder shall be effective unless in writing signed by the Director of the Organizer.

Information on collection/use of personal information
purpose of receiving applications for exhibition visits, identification and authentication according to the provision of services, maintenance and management of exhibition visits, identification according to the enforcement of the limited identification system, prevention of illegal use of services, various notices and notifications, etc. We process personal information.
In accordance with Article 18 of the Personal Information Protection Act, the industry group, type of business, field of interest, and purpose of observation among the collected items are not used for purposes other than the use of visitor statistics.

Item Purpose of collection Period
Required items: gender, name, email, company name, postal code, company address, department, job position, company phone number, mobile phone, industry group, industry type, field of interest, purpose of visit, purchasing responsibility, job function, annual purchasing budget Authenticating and identifying visitors, issuing attendance certificate, and using visitor statistics, Providing match-making services for participating companies and buyers One (1) year

You have the right to refuse consent to the collection and use of personal information. If you refuse to consent to the collection and use of the minimum personal information collected during pre-registration, that is, required items, pre-registration may be difficult.

I agree to the visitor regulations/rules and the collection/use of personal information. (Required)
The use and provision of personal information for marketing
Organizer uses fax, e-mail, postal mail, telephone and other means of contact with visitors, or by sending text messages, e-mails, and electronic newsletters to visitors in Korea and around the world. In order to conduct direct marketing related to promotions and invitations to events or exhibitions hosted by affiliates and joint ventures of the Company and the promotion of the organizer's services, we intend to use the personal information of visitors, such as names, e-mail addresses and addresses of visitors. If the organizer does not obtain the consent of the visitor for the above intention to use, the personal information of the visitor will not be used as such. Visitors may choose not to receive promotional materials by simply notifying the Organizer through the contact information below, and the Organizer will stop doing so without charge.

※ You have the right to refuse to consent to the use and provision of personal information for marketing purposes. If you do not agree, you may not be able to receive materials and services necessary for visiting the exhibition.

I agree to the use and provision of my personal data for direct marketing and to receiving marketing messages via text messages, e-mails, etc. as outlined in this Statement. (Optional)
Provision of personal information to a third party
1. When pre-registration or on-site registration on the website for exhibition visits is checked, the consent of the third party is acknowledged as the consent of the information subject.

2. When viewing the exhibition, presenting the pass for product consultation and event participation at the exhibition booth of the participating company and recognizing the barcode displayed on the pass to the barcode reader of the participating company will result in the consent of the information subject to the provision of personal information to a third party (implicit consent). I admit it.

- Persons who receive personal information: Exhibitors ( IDIS, CMI Tech, WONWOO ENGINEERING CO., LTD., EMSTONE, A&T Global, IRIS ID INC., SOLTECH INFONET INC., SONGWOO INFORMATION&TECHNOLOGY CO.,Ltd, INDUSVISION INC., YTOT KOREA, NS Gate, Silicon Bridge, Inc., JINMYUNG I&C, Hankook CTEC, Novitec, EZ/NET UBIQUITOUS CO., LTD., DATAPROTEC, DAWONTECH CO., LTD., SEGUNTECH Co., Ltd., MILESTON SYSTEMS, SeeEyes, SungChang Co.,Ltd, KANA ENG CO., LTD., I/RAY INDUSTRIAL CO., METRO GATE, MIRAESIGNAL CO., LTD., KYEUNGIN CNS CO., LTD., ESCA, VISIONIN, SEO CO., LTD., GITSN INC., CPRO, TJONE CO., LTD., ERUMS&S, PLATFORMBASE, Ehoosys, KICTA, Green IT Korea, eyenix, K/control, SECURITYEVIDENCE, STMicroelectronics, WEBGATE Inc., VS.TECHNOLOGY KOREA, RIFATRON, GEOMEXSOFT CO.,LTD., GASI, NST CO., LTD., KT&C, WORLDHUMANTEC CORP., ENDAS, Lumisol, UNION COMMUNITY, SAENOON CORP., Samma I.C.T. Co., Ltd., A&T Korea, KJ Tech, INCON, REXGEN CO., LTD., NAIZ, OPTEX CO., LTD., SUNGHYUN SYSTEM, ONECAST, CUDO COMMUNICATION CO., FODICS SYSTEM Inc., ALT IT Co., Ltd., TRUEN Co., Ltd., SAI Technologies, HN Security, FSNETWORKS Co.,Ltd., NADATEL CO., LTD., TAEJUNG ENG CO.,LTD, CNI CO.,LTD, SHIN WOO TECH, DAON T&G, OZRAY Co., Ltd., DUALi Inc., SMARTCORE Inc. , Seagate Technology LLC, Korea Computer & Systems Inc., KOREA TAIYO YUDEN CO.,LTD, HUMAN ICT, Surgefree Corporation, Hancom MDS Inc., TP/Link, INNODEP INC., Daekyo CNS, Armatura, Digitalsense Co.Ltd, Fostec Inc., ROHDE & SCHWARZ KOREA, NSE Technology, KOREASCANTECH CO., LTD., Vueron Technology Co. Ltd., Koolsign, DEEPNOID, COP KOREA, BESTDIGITAL. Inc, CATIS Inc, UCS Co.,Ltd, SSTLabs, Smatii, GIGAINFO Corp, INTERCOAX CO., LTD., MYUNGIN INNO Co., Ltd., SAEWOOM Co., LTD, Suprema, i3system, Inc. , New/Tech, Hanwha Systems, MYUTRON INC., ALCOTEKTOR, Beijing PhotoelectricScience&Technology Co Ltd, GUANGDONG UNIPOE IOT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD, Yunke China Information Technology Limited, CCCME, Research Electronics International, Changchun Boxin Photoelectric Co.,Ltd, SANHELENSTECH OPTOELECTRONIC SCIENCE&TECHNOLOGY CO,. LTD, Zhejiang Zhaosheng Technology(Smart Thermal), Morse Watchmans Inc., Network Optix, geniegachi, AMANO, the National Police Ageny , Seoul Robotics Co., Ltd, SHENZHEN HONGRUI OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., Green Solution, Mediwon Healthcare, OneMoreSecurity Inc., SNSOLUTIONS co., Ltd., AI Spera Inc., Korea Industrial Technology Protection Association, Korea Image Information Research Association, Korean Society of Terrorism, Korea Aviation Security Association, CUBOX, SPYZONE KOREA , Sijung Co., Ltd., shinjin i&c, IFSEC India, Made/In/China, 한국지역정보개발원, 한국공항공사, IEE Sensing Korea, Quantum Korea, VIVAKOREA CO., LTD., DAWONDNS corp., NETAND CO., LTD., MAGNET, PNP SECURE, TOCSG CO., LTD., MARKANY, NORMA, ZEINSOFT INC., INSPIEN,INC., NTUM NETWORKS, SECULAYER CO., LTD., Quarry Systems Co., Ltd., MIDAS AI, AHNLAB, SAEVIT M&S, SECULETTER CO., LTD., IGLOO SECURITY, INC., EST SECURITY CORP., SSNC Co.,Ltd., Hanssak, CODEMIND CORPORATION, a3security, HANDREAMNET, L7SECURITY, YH DATABASE CO., LTD., SECURE GUARD TECHNOLOGY INC., HM COMPANY, WATERWALL SYSTEMS CO., LTD., SoftFlow Inc., mcloudoc CO.,LTD.(NET/ID), TATUM INC., NexG, SEEKERS INC., OCTATCO.CO.,LTD.,, EASYCERTI, UNIDIA CO., LTD., JiranSecurity, SSR, NPCore, Inc, DURUAN CO., LTD., SSenStone, WEEDS KOREA, WINS Co., Ltd., ASTRON SECURITY, SOFTCAMP, HUNESION, ESCARE, PIOLINK, Inc., Smilelog Co., Ltd, ITSTATION Inc., SGA Solutions, MONITORAPP, AirCUVE, Plantynet Co., Ltd, RaonSecure, visiontek, estorm Co., Ltd, Sparrow Co., Ltd., INNOTIUM JwonITsystem, TERUTEN, CORESNET CO., Ltd., AXGATE, ICTK Holdings, Swimlane, KSIGN, Acronis Korea, Pentasecurity System, Xabyss Inc, Thales Korea, NetCoreTech Corp., NEOULY Corp., Secuwiz, Inc. )
- Purpose of use of personal information by recipients: Development of new services (products) and provision of customized services, provision of event and advertisement information and participation opportunities
- Items of personal information provided: gender, name, email, company name, postal code, company address , department, job position, company phone number, mobile phone, industry group, industry, field of interest, purchasing responsibility, job function, annual purchasing budget
- Retention and use period of the recipient: 1 year from the time of receipt

※ You have the right to refuse to consent to the provision of personal information to third parties. If you do not agree, you may not be able to receive necessary materials and services from the exhibitors.

I agree to the provision of my personal data to third parties and transfer of my personal data overseas as outlined in this Statement. (Optional)